Aptar Requests U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization for N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Decontamination with ActivShield™.

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Aptar Pharma is an Essential Partner for Injectable Components
for Covid-19 Vaccines & Treatments

The fight against the Coronavirus is a key priority at Aptar Pharma, and our teams are mobilized to continue to provide our portfolio of essential elastomeric components that are critical in the development, manufacture and supply of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.

We are actively supporting drug developers with this unprecedented demand, combining our deep understanding of their product development needs with our targeted product offering, and implementing actions to expand our capacity to meet increasing global needs.

This will enable our customers to meet the reduced time-to-market and accelerated timelines that are crucial during these challenging times.

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Application fields

Animal Health

Veterinary products, whether for companion or farm animals, are indispensable to prevent and control animal diseases and thereby contribute to their wellbeing and safeguard human health.

Therapies include vaccination and the administration of a wide spectrum of drug products such as antibiotics and anesthetics to ensure the good health of animals and minimize risks to human health.

We support animal healthcare product manufacturers worldwide by providing a range of high quality stoppers for multi-dose and unit-dose format vials, for both liquids and powders.


Anticoagulants and thrombolytic drugs are used in an extensive range of medical indications to prevent and treat serious conditions that are often life-threatening.

We are the leader in this application and work hand-in-hand with major pharmaceutical companies and renowned researchers to design and produce drug-specific, effective components for their antithrombotic drugs.

Whether for intravenous or subcutaneous injections, we offer a wide variety of small volume parenteral vial stoppers as well as components for pre-filled syringes.


The field of biologics is delivering novel and innovative healthcare solutions and covers an extensive range of products.

These sensitive drugs, complex in structure based on proteins and peptides require unique primary packaging solutions and must provide low extractable levels and high particulate cleanliness.

Our product portfolio includes small and large volume stoppers for liquid and lyophilized drugs as well as specific components for pre-filled syringes.

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Other Application Fields

Your project is not listed in our range of application fields?

 Please do not hesitate to contact us anyway.
 Our team of experts will make sure you get the service you need for your particular drug candidate.
 With our wide range of devices we have solutions for many other applications!

Small Molecules

Small Molecules comprises a wide variety of categories such as gastroenterology, oncology and the treatment of infectious diseases.

For this application, drug products are formulated as liquids or powders and are packaged in bottles, vials or pre-filled syringes.

We offer a comprehensive proven product portfolio and customized design services for your specific requirements.


Vaccines target the very core of the body’s immune system and cover an immense variety of fields, pediatrics or travelers, and therapeutic vaccinations.

For years, thanks to our products and services, we have supported our customers in the vaccination of billions of people throughout the world.

Whether you need serum or lyophilization stoppers for vials or pre-filled syringe components, we provide products with high functional performance and proven compatibility with vaccines for safe and efficient patient administration.