Product solutions

Advanced Preservative Free

The multidose system for the application of preservative free solutions via the nasal route


Nasal formulations intended for use over a long period of time are generally preserved. However, it has now been recognized that preservatives can have a negative impact on the ciliated tissue in the nasal cavity.


Health authorities have published risk statements concerning the widely used preservative benzalkonium chloride. Aptar Pharma‘s Advanced Preservative Free (APF) system is based on tip-seal/filter technology and avoids any chemical additives to prevent contamination of the container content. It has become a market success with over 310 million units sold world wide.


Key features

  • Metal free fluid path – a solution for oxidizing formulation
  • Vented preservative free system
  • Filter membrane filters the air flow and prevents the product from contamination
  • Tip seal technology prevents clogging
  • Qualified with challenging microbiological tests (TSIT and CVIT)
  • Possibility of 360° application
  • Pharma compliant materials


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