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Bag On Valve

The benefits of convenience and product integrity

Aptar Pharma's Bag On Valve (BOV) technology serves pharmaceutical products with major benefits such as better use (360° use, no pumping), better preservation (ultimate protection of the content), and better protection (environment friendly). BOV systems, meticulously developed over a number of years, are widely accepted by major multinational companies.


Aptar Pharma’s BOV technology can be considered cost effective and environmentally safe. It provides full protection of the content, and, most important for the final user, is easy to use and highly convenient.
This offers new opportunities for pharmaceutical packaging for water-based products in line with new legislation. Along with these guidelines there is a push for a permanent increase of effectiveness, demanding protection of sensitive ingredients, avoidance of any contamination, and better hygiene.

Last, but not least in more and more green-minded societies a better environmental evaluation can be achieved.
Aptar Pharma’s BOV technology offers ways of differentiation to give products an extra push in an increasingly competitive environment.


Key Features

  • 360° use
  • Continuous dispensing system
  • No back contamination – ultimate product protection
  • Non VOC propellant – compressed air or nitrogen
  • Total product / propellant separation
  • Up to 99.7% evacuation rate
  • Easy and safe filling


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