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Together, we can tackle patient adherence. Let’s connect.


For optimal medication effectiveness, patients must adhere to their prescribed dosing regimen.

The unfortunate reality is that today 60% of patients fail to take their medication properly, impacting on their health, well-being and quality of life. At Aptar Pharma, we believe we can make a demonstrable and significant difference through the provision of digital health solutions.


Delivering connected, intuitive devices to improve patient health outcomes.

Our connected devices can demonstrably improve patient outcomes by helping to identify patients with the highest levels of non-adherence. Delivering precise information and prompts to take medication results in greater levels of  engagement, improved dose adherence and therefore improved health outcomes among those patients.




A partnership approach to digital health

Aptar Pharma’s partnership approach to digital health development allows our clients to focus on drug formulation while we take care of the drug delivery system. Utilizing that combined strength, we navigate together through the development cycle to market, to deliver truly-connected delivery solutions that have the best possible opportunity for market success.

We continue to set the standard for the drug delivery industry, providing our clients with a range of connected options – from migrating existing delivery solutions onto a connected platform, through to a truly bespoke turn-key solution.


An ongoing investment in the future of digital health

Today, Aptar Pharma can provide our clients with a portfolio of connected options for Pulmonary drug delivery including a BAI platform, pMDI platform and the Connected Prohaler®.



We are also developing connected drug delivery solutions across a wide range of therapeutic areas including Injectables, Nasal and Dermal as well as Eye Care and Pulmonary drug delivery.


To find out how digital healthcare can benefit you, connect with Aptar Pharma.

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