Scientific publications

In Scientific Publications, you will find a selection of presentations given by our speakers and presenters at recent industry events, as well as scientific articles published by our experts.


Aug 15, 2010

Influence of powder mixing process on agglomerate behaviour of fluticasone propionate within dry powder inhalers formulations

  • Author(s)/Speaker: Emmanuelle Robins (Aptar Pharma), V.N.P. Le, M-P. Flament (Université Lille Nord de France)
  • Conference: APGI

Jul 23, 2009

A proactive approach to developing the Cartridge Pump System (CPS) in a pressurized market environment
  • Author(s)/Speaker: Degenhard Marx, PhD
  • Conference: Drug Delivery Technology

Oct 15, 2004

Preservative-Free Nasal Drug-Delivery Systems
  • Author(s)/Speaker: René Bommer and Jochen Kern
  • Conference: Medical Device Technology